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Greg's journey into the jewelry business commenced when he secured a part-time position at the age of 13, working after school hours. The store's owner took him under their wing, imparting fundamental skills in watch and jewelry repair.

After completing high school, Greg pursued further education in watchmaking and creative jewelry. He honed his craft at prestigious institutions including the International School of Watchmaking College in Switzerland, and he also delved into jewelry manufacturing in France.

In the year 1977, the inception of Park Avenue Gallery marked the beginning of a continuous expansion into the domains of watch, clock, and jewelry repair and restoration, alongside the creation of unique, bespoke jewelry pieces. With the ownership of four brick-and-mortar stores spanning several years, Greg closed the physical doors of Park Avenue Gallery and has directed his energies toward crafting an immersive online shopping experience.

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Gregory O'Donnell - Owner, Designer, and Buyer

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